Frankie said it so Just do it. Its all about R&R this week.

I am delighted to announce a Ravelry group has been set up - please feel free to drop in and blether in Caithness Craft Collective group.

I was in in Oban and in Orkney.

The textile technique is needle felting so get ready to draw blood and have enormous fun.

I never mentioned Vimto, oops, well it was just me and Sarah and we were knitting and catching up on our purchases. She bought Collinette cotton and some lovely buttons.

I tell you about the Caithness Quilters and Caithness WRI's showcase from Wick Gala Week and photos are on the Flickr pages at the bottom of the podbean website page.

And I tell you who's currently holidaying in that wee old castle down the road.