Not the podcast, I'm trying to pack all the things in this week and then pack my case.
Shorter episode. Partly because of the deadline and partly because I recorded a Drams last night and can't find if I saved it or not. It wasn't all that funny anyway.

I ramble on about what I will be buying for my Acer cardigan by Amy Christoffers, Newale by Cecily Glowick Macdonald and the cross stitch kit from  and of course Apple pie.

New kid on the block podcaster - YarnydaysandSundays which I liked. I mention again Plutionium Muffins podcast which I recommend.

Shoppy Section has lots of new tartans in so go find out if your clan is there. If not please let me know and I'll keep an eye out for it.

Coming up - Yarndale at Skipton Auction Mart 27&28 September
Highland Textile Fest at Eden Court Inverness 18 October
Forgot to mention Glasgow School of Yarn on 17 & 18 October

Pass it On Section
Swap Section
KAL Section - The Lush KAL has now closed. Thank you for taking part and if you got a prize well done, if not, well done too for getting a cardigan. You are all winners to me.
Me Me Me

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