Another Off the Cuff episode as its summer holibags and grabbing 3 hours to write a proper episode is proving too hard.

Terry Pratchett Swap - Please post by 28 July 2015. I hope your package is amazing.

Cast yer Cloot - Dishcloth along until 18 August 2015, link a photo of a finished dishcloth in Raverly thread.

Daisy Craftathon - Wee superstar tells you what we have been crafting this holidays. Bear with her, she gets there in a round about way.

Lemon Curd -
4 large lemons
450g white caster sugar
230g butter
5 eggs

Grate lemon zest and put into headproof bowl. Squeeze all juice and put in with zest. Put bowl over a pan of boiling water or double boiler. Add sugar and stir until its all disolved.
Stir in the butter until it melts.
TAKE OFF THE HEAT. Add the beaten eggs, give a good stir. PUT BACK ON HEAT and stir until curd thickens.
Jar up.
Send me some.
Should last 2 weeks after opening and can be frozen for 3 months.

Drams - Haig Single Grain Whisky

Buttonhole in your inner pockets to thread through your earphones.

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