Donkeys, Craggy Island and Birthday greetings.
Blether with Twist it up and Start Again

Wots e Craic
Fair thee well Hoxton Handmade
Kate Davies keeps on on amazing me
Great Scottish Tapestry
WithMel 6Bits

TartanTastic - I can't find the soundbite but you can imagine.
This week its MacMillan

Me Me Me
Ashton Lane Shawl by Amanda B Collins
Owligan by Kate Davies
Dreaming of Daisy by Ruth Churchman
Colour Collusion by Jan Hamby
Korkneisse by Manne

Guy Martin Autobiography

Textile Technique
Gelli Printing

Tesco Finest Single Malt Whisky - I know! But its actually nice.

Bla Bla Bla
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