On your marks.
The Blether is about Markers, all types.

Wots e Craic
Cross Country Knitting 3
Subway Knits Podcast
http://www.6bitsstorybooks.com/ for With Mel's new Digital magazine and podcast
Natalie Servant with Canadian Art Deco Knits

Coming Up

Geeky Girls Knitting Palooza http://geekypuffinknitpalooza.blogspot.co.uk/ on Halloween
Glasgow School of Yarn on 23, 24 October http://www.theyarncake.co.uk/The%20Glasgow%20School%20of%20Yarn/
HobbyCraft ICHF at the SECC on 22-25 October
Highland Wool and Textile Fair at Eden Court on 17 October

this week on the MacLeod tartan.

Me Me Me
Ashton Lane Shawl by Amanda B Collins (and turns out I hadn't made a mistake after all, hurrah)
Korknisse by Manne

Shoppy Section

Bla Bla Bla

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