Mr Snow from the Mr Men is coming to visit you. Well it is January and except for you down under types its that time of year again.

Sir Terry Pratchett and The Wintersmith - go read and laugh laugh laugh at the Nac Mac Feegles.

Scottish Fibres - where I got my Freedom Flyer

#Knitchat - 4pm GMT Saturdays

#Spinchat 4pm GMT 2nd and 4th of the month Sunday

Sanday Spinners Sock a thon

Katie Davies - Rams & Yowes lapblanket

Woolsack project - for spotting the elusive timerous beastie. We need one for next episode so get shooting....

Crafting Chamber of Commerce features Lucca Dot Yarn go buy buy buy. Also comment for entering the competition of the fantastic gloves.

Textile Artists - In Action DVD or Stitchscape book by Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn (i'm so sorry, i think i said Littlejohn) from (dear Craft Fairy i like this, hint hint)

Drams is featuring special guest stars with a Glen Orrin whisky. (please be warned the sound quality is poor - so as its at the end feel free to skip if poor sound quality is not your thing - except you Sarah, you have to listen)

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Music is Snow by Comfortable from you can buy it there. I sponsor this by my own business