Robin Ulrich has kindly accepted to be Number 3 Designer Alley Louise La La Land. So listen up closely for her interview questions and a chance to win 3 patterns kindly donated by her. She also has a special offer for you, you will need to listen though.

The blether is Erudite and I explain why - no its not a word I use - I explain why too.

Wots e Craic will mention knitting for your local Special Care Baby Unit - there will be one local to you somewhere

And the 'Cover Hampden Park with Quilt' project for Alzheimers go visit

The Drams section has a cheeky wee 12 year old Glenfiddich single malt.

Our tasting notes are - Orangey coloured - Chewbacca colour, Honey coloured - The colour of Winnie the Poohs arms, Pale Yellow - Barbies Hair

Please contact me on LouiseJHunt - Ravelry = CaithnessCraft on Twitter and Seamed Up Louise Hunt on Stitchin Fingers

Sponsored as ever by my own business

Music is Aff the Cuff from

and sorry, this is a mega long one. Get lots of tea....