Teacher, leave those kids alone. I don't actually play that but the blether is about Teaching and the good influence good Teachers have.

Blogs for you to look at that I rave about:- www.thegingerbreadbunny.blogspot.co.uk and www.michelemademe.blogspot.com

Textile Technique is Foiling and I will direct you back to Jean Littlejohns Stitchscape book  as I think everyone should have a copy http://www.doubletrouble-ent.com/

Coming up: 15-21 October is Strathearn Fleece & Fibre week http://www.perfectweatherforspinningandknitting.blogspot.co.uk/

19-20 October is The Glasgow School of Yarn http://theyarncake.posterous.com/ - The design competition has been announced - and I missed out the Bell.

Apron Swap - Put your name in before September and send out by 18 September please. Any type of Apron.

Of course I have the Me ME ME i tell you ME show.

And the Drams is a Single Malt An Cnoc. http://www.ancnoc.com/

Contact details are - caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com  Ravelry LouiseHunt  Twitter CaithnessCraft  Facebook louise.hunt.33821 (i may change this soon) I am on Instagram as CaithnessCraft

Usual music at the end of the lovely Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme where you can go buy it at www.musicalley.com At the start the bagpipes was the Thurso and Tain pipe band playing at Helmsdale Highland Games.