I want you to get Plum Mad Dog Mean this episode. Well if you need to feel free and I offer you the help of Quattro to do it.

This episode is dedicated especially to Coggie and Sarge and also my mother in law Lyn and anyone in need of a True Grit pep talk. You have it inside you, every last one of you.

I drive you north from Wick to Keiss and have corresponding photos on Flickr. (I said Keiss was a town, its not, its a village).

My Fitness Pal App - excellent wee app for weight control

Wool Week - http://www.scotsman.com/scotland-on-sunday/scotland/wool-week-celebrating-skills-and-heritage-at-heart-of-the-industry-1-2556308

Strathearn Wool Tryst - http://www.perfectweatherforspinningandknitting.blogspot.co.uk/

Glasgow School of Yarn - http://theyarncake.posterous.com/

The Hampden Quilt for Alzheimers http://www.annhillquilter.co.uk/ http://www.alzscot.org/ http://www.hampdenpark.co.uk/

Claire Tinsley Workshop - www.hannahsroom.co.uk And Caithness Quilters workshop is http://www.caithnessquilters.co.uk/workshops.html

The Drams was a 10 year old Single Malt Glenmorangie (and there are 16 men of Tain, not 12)

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