I recorded this before I learnt of the sad news in Connecticut. So its dedicated to all those affected. Please talk to your children, be them 3 or 63. Love, not war.

I am fortunate to interview the lovely Natalie Servant in this episodes Designer Alley. She is offering a 50% coupon of 'Caithness' on her pattern! Go BUY BUY BUY. www.natalieservant.com and through Ravelry. Her blog is very interesting too. Thankyou Natalie.

I have a Wots e Craic, Hellos, Coming Up, Me Me Me section. (and I deleted alot from them due to the length of this podcast so more next episode)

The Drams is a 12 year old Glen Scotia Single Malt Whisky which has lovely smell and taste.

Please have a Happy Christmas.

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