Quattro snores through most of this. My microphone picked him up from the other side of the kitchen.

The blether is on all things Twit. Myself sometimes being one. But I suggest you all hug your twit and love your Owl.

In Wots e Craic I demand payment of an iTunes review (or podbean) for the return of paying for bigger bandwidth.

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How cool is my music this episode? Please go pay your respects to Carnivores on http://www.facebook.com/carnivoresuk http://carnivores1.bandcamp.com/ where you can buy their album and I've been non stop singing it since trying to decide on which track to play you. Thankyou Carnivores, remember the little people when you take over the world.

Coming Up next weekend - ICHF Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft at the SECC Glasgow.

The Edinburgh Yarn Fest is on 16 March 2013. www.edinyarnfest.com for lots of information. I'm going - are you?

Swap - just about finished the dishcloth. I hope you have all sent your package. Do you want to do another swap?

Me Me Me section - update on my crafting endeavours including an update on the Great Scottish Tapestry.

Caithness Segment sees up finding Vikings on our shores. More to come on them in the next segment too. They were here for a whiley.

The Drams is a Ardmore Single Malt and who do you want around for a Dram this week?

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