This episode is dedicated to those affected by the Boston bombs and the bad accident near Waco Texas. Our prayers are with you this week.

I am delighted to have Katy Swift in the Designer Alley segment this episode. She is Hotterthan on Ravelry on her blog and she has kindly offered a 50% coupon on her patterns through Ravelry for you if you type in Caithness before the end of April 2013.  She mentions which is pretty cool. Please do go look and support your designers.

I also have a Me Me Me segment where Greedy Louise came up with a plan which earns a wee bit of money but she needs your input for the market research. Also I open up to all you shops and businesses out there, if you want me to review your produce as an advertisement then please get in touch. Its not so much 'send me free stuff' its 'I want to to big up the crafty world, I'll pay for your stuff through talking about it'.  Actually, if you don't have a crafty business but as some of you do want to insist on sending me stuff Greedy Louise loves you.  I've tried to word it so it doesn't sound like I'm 'cadging' but I fear it still came out like that. I'm a contradiction.

We have a new segment starting next episode which I require your input - its Wotcha Doing? - If you are up to interesting crafty endeavours and want to share then let me know.

Caithness Segment is back with the Viking invasion. You need long boats so get out the woodworking equipment.

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Music this episode again is the wonderfully energetic Carnivores and you can buy their album at