Language Timothy. Its kind of hard to learn and I talk you through my thoughts in this episodes Blether.

Wots e Craic suggests you listen to new podcast and see if she makes you laugh out loud too.

Review Section talks about Handmade in the UK by Tin Can Knits and you can buy buy buy this from Ravelry or She's very kindly offered one of you lovely listeners a copy if you send me a Ravelry message or an e-mail by 8 June 2013 saying whats your favourite pattern and who's your favourite Scot (stolen from Knitting Pipeline, sorry Paula)

New Swap announced and up for Tea Cosy swapping. Put your name up before 15 June 2013.

Me Me me Section,  Wotcha Doing Section

Drams has an Old Pulteney with an Isabella Fortuna 2nd Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Add a dollop of water to this and it will please you.

New section of the Shoppy Section to tell you about my Etsy shop

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