Its all gone a bit grey in Caithness this month. The Blether finds me embracing the clattering of Jackdaws at the back of my garden.
Wots e Craic has
Feedly, Ravellenics, Retreats - See the Ripplescrafts Raverly board for sign ups.
The Lost Geek pattern Traipsing Vines Shawl/Wrap for sale to raise money for Red Cross to help flood victims.
New Runny Runny Runny section - the books are 5k and 10k by Graeme Hilditch and Running made Easy by Sarah Whalley and Lisa Jackson
Swap Section
Me Me Me section with a request for us all to knit or crochet a couple of (not yellow) hats for your nearest Special Care Baby Unit.
Caithness Segment
Drams Section where we taste a Ledaig Single Malt Whisky

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Music from with Lizzie Davies and All about the Weather.