Welcome to my first blog. I have started it to record my crafting exploits.

Craic or crack is a term for fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland. - It is also used in Scotland and particularly in Caithness where 'Wots e Craic' is a term of greeting. I normally spell it with a K at the end but don't want it to get mixed up with the drug crack cos I'm not into that.

Oh and I'm Louise. I live near Mey, Caithness, Scotland. I'm a stay at home mother of 2. The Boy has just turned 4 and The Bairn is 18 months, she's ace. We have a Lakeland Terrier called Quattro and have our own business www.EnergyHunt.com - I suppose its sponsoring this so feel free to visit the site.

I knit, crochet, attempt Textile Arts, Dye, Quilt, Embroider, Cross Stitch, Needle Felt, make Cards, paint with watercolour. Basically i like to try alot of things and some am pretty good at. Jack of all trades not really a master of anything but my main hobbies are knitting, crochet and textile arts.

Anyway I've started this blog so I can host a podcast about all the above as I was looking for a podcast about textile arts and couldn't find one or a Scottish one, never mind a Caithness one. So here I am.

My Collective are my immediate craft groups I go to. I will also mention whats crafty in Caithness.

I go to Caithness Textile Artists who are an offshoot of Caithness Quilters. I'm not a Quilter - yet - but marvel at all their work. My mum is and she's got a lovely pair of hands.

Our current project is 7 months long and thought provoking. We have all chosen a random word from a hat and then chosen a technique and material to make it with.

January's word was Shadow, the material was Tweed and the techniques are slashing and heated. Yeah I know thats what we thought. February is Passion, material sheers, techniques 3 Dimensional and Applique March is Wind, material Lutrador, techniques Hand Embroidered and Needle Felted April is Colour, material Velvet, technique Discharged May is Texture, techniques manipulated, pleated June is Reflection, techniques Painted, beaded July is Abstract, techniques Machine Embroidery and Crochet

I will mention more on this as time goes on. I have to finish February this weekend.

I also have a small craft group - we call it the Vimto group purely because when this was offered at the first night we all decided we loved it and its stuck. This is a very informal group of friends who like to do various crafts and we generally take what we are working on or occasionally have a teaching night where we all do the same thing.

I have been making a podcast for the past 3 weeks but have been struggling with all the IT issues. So my next post hopefully very soon will have it on.  Im wanting to get it on before it goes out of date.....