Episode 102 - Louise Tilbrook in Designer Alley

April 11th, 2014

Designer Alley is back with the wonderful Louise Tilbrook and she can be found on Ravelry as LouiseTilbrook, Facebook as Louise Tilbrook Designs and on her blog http://madmum-knittingforsanity.blogspot.co.uk/

Wots e Craic - Spritly Knitter Videocast

Coming Up - Highland Wool Festival 24 May in Dingwall Mart, Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat 21-25 September

Runny Runny Runny

Pass It On - Curious Handmade and Vintage Amanda

Swap & Knitalong

Me Me Me

Drams - Glen Grant Majors Reserve Single Malt Whisky

Shoppy Section

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Episode 101 - Black and White Puppies

March 27th, 2014

101 Black and white spotty puppies that Cruella would like to wear.
101 things to do/have done/talk about.

Winners announced of last episodes competition.

Swap section
Wots e Craic - Great Scottish Tapestry going to be in Paisley Anchor Mill, Thread St 3 May - 8 June 2014. Please contact admin@paisleythreadmill.co.uk if you wish to volunteer in any way..
UnWind Brighton - Send a photo to http://unwindbrighton.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/unwind-with-tristan-bristow.html for Put a Knitter on a Map.

Me Me Me is quite big as I've been doing All the 101 Things.

Contact Details - LouiseHunt on Ravelry and CaithnessCraftCollective Group on there. CaithnessCraft on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. LouiseJ2010 on Flickr and www.caithnesscraftcollective.podbean.com

Music is by Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme from www.musicalley.com as British Summertime is coming.

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Episode 100 - Parteeee

March 13th, 2014

This is the longest one ever. But we could do with a bit of a party. Lets get the spring fever out by dancing and party games and doing new crafts in this 100 episode celebration.

I have some lovely memories, some lovely messages.

Double Drams this episode - An Edinburgh Gin Spiced Orange and an Old Pulteney Liqueur Stroma.

The Big Quiz is in this. Please answer all 5 questions to be in with one of the 7 prizes.
Peaceweaver, GeekyGirls Knits Videocast, HappyDebris, iMake, Yarns from the Plain, Martashmarta and myself have offered prizes.

Swap - Sign up by 20 March, post by 10 April.

Promotional Patterns - TessaRose by Melissa Lemmons
Tulips from Amsterdam by Verily Claire
Dornoch Cushion by Hazel Tindall
Louise Tilbrook has a 25% coupon for you for all her patterns. http://www.ravelry.com/designers/louise-tilbrook

Buy March edition of Knit Now.

Shoppy Section - Have a wee buy on https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/colouredinCaithness? and tell Rachel I sent you.
All that remains to say is Thank you for listening and Keep on Crafting.

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Episode 99 - I’ve Got 99 Podcasts

February 27th, 2014

If you're having yarn problems I feel bad for you mum
I got 99 problems but yarn ain't one.

Oh I shoe horn that in there. Rant a bit and then figure out if we should love 99 or not.

Wots e Craic

Coming Up
Glasgow SECC 6-9 March - Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft
Dingwall Mart 24 May - Highland Wool Fest
Unwind Brighton - 12 - 13 July

Runny Runny Runny
Swap Section
Me Me Me section - Curious Handmade with Helen Stewart

Caithness Segment - Caithness finally becomes part of Scotland

Shoppy Section

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Episode 98 - I Wish you a Shawl

February 13th, 2014

The Blether this week is one of my favourites. I hope you enjoy it too.
Wots e Craic - Floods, Centenary Episode, Drams updated list, Ravallenics.
Unwind Brighton - http://unwindbrighton.blogspot.co.uk/ 12 and 13 July 2014.
Look out for Rose Rock Gin
Runny Runny Runny where I discuss measurements and Who da mummy?
Mum Mum Mum section
Swap http://thegingerbreadbunny.blogspot.co.uk/p/craft-workshops.html (make sure you have 'the' in the address, I said it wrong)
Me Me Me section
Caithness Segment - you need tissues for this one.
Shoppy Section with https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/martaschmarta Marta's shoppy. Its got lovely buttons.
I say lovely alot. Please send me new adjectives.
Music is Judson Hurd with My Mothers Voice and you can buy this at www.musicalley.com
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Episode 97 - Embrace the Jackdaw

January 30th, 2014

Its all gone a bit grey in Caithness this month. The Blether finds me embracing the clattering of Jackdaws at the back of my garden.
Wots e Craic has
Feedly, Ravellenics, Retreats - See the Ripplescrafts Raverly board for sign ups.
The Lost Geek pattern Traipsing Vines Shawl/Wrap for sale to raise money for Red Cross to help flood victims. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/traipsing-vines-wrap-shawl
New Runny Runny Runny section - the books are 5k and 10k by Graeme Hilditch and Running made Easy by Sarah Whalley and Lisa Jackson
Swap Section
Me Me Me section with a request for us all to knit or crochet a couple of (not yellow) hats for your nearest Special Care Baby Unit.
Caithness Segment
Drams Section where we taste a Ledaig Single Malt Whisky

Contact me at caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com Ravelry as LouiseHunt Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as CaithnessCraft and Flickr as LouiseJ2010 and www.caithnesscraftcollective.podbean.com for all episodes and show notes.

Music from www.musicalley.com with Lizzie Davies and All about the Weather.

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Episode 96 - Freshies

January 16th, 2014

This episode is now dedicated to our hero Moiraeknittoo from Ravelry who helped me upload this episode.

Get that ski outfit out for we are going for Freshies at the top of the ski slope. My blether is about Fresh and New and how to keep it going.

I recommend you go listen to our Louise Scollay on Knit British podcast on iTunes or www.knitbritish.net

New thread for support for Running people on the Caithness Craft Collective Group on Ravelry and you can then go find CorrieBerry's knitting running pattern. Its very funny http://www.plutoniummuffins.com/couch-5k-knitting-pattern/

Swap for the under a kilo box should be posted out about the 1st February please. Anything crafty in a box/bag 950-999g.

Recommendation to go look at http://www.keenedgeknives.com/ and then befriend JDoll25 on Ravelry and help her along with her knitting. I just think she's lovely.

Strandwanderer Shawl by Lea Victoria - Thank you to the giftee she's very lovely - I didn't say that on the podcast and meant to.
Baby Eyelet Cardi by Linda of ClickertyClick
Infinity and Beyond Broomstick Lace Infinity Scarf by Heidi Nieling

Caithness Segment has a bit about the wheeling and deeling of the kings in charge this episode.
Shoppy Section - I have a good deal for you in there. But you may have to be quick. https://www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft

caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com LouiseHunt on Ravelry CaithnessCraft on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram Etsy
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The music is Lizzie Davies with All about the weather from www.musicalley.com

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Episode 95 - Hogmany

December 31st, 2013

Welcome aboard the Caithness Craft Collective Hogmany Party episode.
Get your party clothes on and tip on up at my house. I've got the room of requirement and the Whisky express is ready for you to jump onto.
We have Answers to your Questions for Louise. A wee surprise in there too.

I would like to wish every single listener, new and been with me forever and all the way in between the very best for 2014. Lang may yer Lumb Reek. 

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Episode 94 - Put Your Hands Up on the Bus

December 18th, 2013

Wots e Craic suggests you go enter Louise Scollay's competition http://www.knitbritish.net/
Podcast recommendations - Down Cellar Studio, Katies Quilting Corner via iTunes and Videocasts KnittingDish via www.knittingdish.com and Juniper Grace tube via YouTube
Zebbie Barback has a hat out called the Staggered Ladders Hat which you can make to see the Hobbit.
I got to review Clare Devines 'Sock Anatomy' ebook which you can buy on Ravelry. www.yarnwithpointysticks.com and I have a coupon for you to get money off too.
Have you heard of The Golden Skein yarn club? Well I tell you all about it too. You can find them under The Golden Skein on Pinterest, Twitter and Ravelry before the website goes live on 1 January 2014. Resistance is futile.
I announce the competition winner of the Art of Felfs by Cat Bordhi which is raising money for Cancer Research.
Mum Mum Mum is on and very busy. This is where you need your hands, yes, you on the bus.
I announce the next swap. Sign up by 15 January 2014.
Then Me Me Me - Despicable Me Minion Hat by Lauren Irving, Broomstick Crochet Infinity and Beyond scarf by Heidi Neiling, Ponytail hat by Urban Homesteader and Arm Knitting found on YouTube.
Wotcha Doing is on. You are all very busy.
The music is from www.musicalley.com Snow by Comfortable and Here comes Santa Claus by the Hollywood Drunks
You can contact me on Ravelry as LouiseHunt e-mail as caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook as CaithnessCraft Flickr as LouiseJ2010

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Episode 93 - Triplets

December 4th, 2013

I become a triplet this episode with my adoptive sisters Twinset Ellen and Twinset Jan. We had a lovely chat over Skype and please go listen to their TwinsetDesigns Podcast. There is lots and lots of infectious giggling.
I also have a competition to win The Art of Felfs book by Cat Bordhi which is a wonderful way to raise money to help cancer research.
The Drams is a Drambuie Blended Liqueur whisky this episode. We raise a glass to those affected by the Clutha Vaults helicopter crash victims. My heart is broken for you.
Contact details - caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com Raverly LouiseHunt Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as CaithnessCraft Etsy as www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft where you can still get your Christmas presents.
Music is from Jara with Gatsby Sound and you can buy it from www.musicalley.com

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    Daisy being the minion.

    Daisy is so much cuter than me at modelling. But she's asleep and I just finished her minion hat. Banana.

    Daisy trying on her pink minion hat in progress.

    Parked beside my favourite distillery today. #oldpulteney

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