Episode 112 - Packing it all in

September 15th, 2014

Not the podcast, I'm trying to pack all the things in this week and then pack my case.
Shorter episode. Partly because of the deadline and partly because I recorded a Drams last night and can't find if I saved it or not. It wasn't all that funny anyway.

I ramble on about what I will be buying for my Acer cardigan by Amy Christoffers, Newale by Cecily Glowick Macdonald and the cross stitch kit from www.mainelyquilts.com  and of course Apple pie.

New kid on the block podcaster - YarnydaysandSundays http://www.yarnydaysandsundays.podbean.com/ which I liked. I mention again Plutionium Muffins podcast which I recommend.

Shoppy Section has lots of new tartans in so go find out if your clan is there. If not please let me know and I'll keep an eye out for it.  www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft

Coming up - Yarndale at Skipton Auction Mart 27&28 September
Highland Textile Fest at Eden Court Inverness 18 October
Forgot to mention Glasgow School of Yarn on 17 & 18 October

Pass it On Section
Swap Section
KAL Section - The Lush KAL has now closed. Thank you for taking part and if you got a prize well done, if not, well done too for getting a cardigan. You are all winners to me.
Me Me Me

Contact me at caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com Ravelry as Louise Hunt CaithnessCraft on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and Flickr as LouiseJ2010.
Music is by Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme and from www.musicalley.com where you can buy it.

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Episode 111 - Comfort

September 5th, 2014

Blether - Comfort, be it eating, shopping or blankie, what's your comfort?

Wots e Craic - Lets Knit September edition, Top Gun Knitting name, You need 2 dice and 6 wrapped presents for the game.

Review Section - I review Rebecca Dangers 50 Yards of Fun, Knit a monster nursery, The big book of Knitted Monsters all available via Martingale & Company Publishing

Shoppy Section - I have a couple more tartan/tweed tote bags at www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft

Coming Up - Yarndale at Skipton Auction Mart 27 & 28 September
Highland Textile Fest at Eden Court on 18 October
Well, you all know by now I'm going to Maine 21-27 September but you don't all know that Paula has a new pattern out - Upstairs Downstairs Cowl

Pass it on has tips from listeners

Swap - Next swap sign up thread has opened on Ravelry for a 2015 calendar of your local area or country. Sign up by 30 Sept and post by 15 October.

Knitalong - Lush Knitalong - post your finished object (at least 75% done which means to its second arm cast on) to Shinybees finished object thread.

Me Me Me - Mens Mittens by Freddie Patmore from The Knitting Book

Caithness Segment where we meet Rumbustious George

Contact me at caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com Ravelry group as Caithness Craft Collective on Ravelry as LouiseHunt Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as Caithnesscraft www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft

Music is as ever by the lovely Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme from www.musicalley.com

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Episode 110 - Game On

August 21st, 2014

Get your game face on, we're going to play.
Blether - Games
Hello Section
Wots e Craic - Rebecca Danger Books, 50 yards of Fun, Knit a Monster Nursery and The Big Book of Knitted Monsters.
Thank you Sue.
Shoppy Section - www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft for Tartan tastic project and tote bags. Still a couple of Outlander bags available.
Castle Fraser Throughout the Year by Aurelie Colas which is a wonderful knitting eBook via Ravelry
Pass it on - Wollombidreamer suggests this blog for Kitchener Stitch help. Thank you. http://techknitting.blogspot.com.au/2007/05/easier-way-to-kitchener-stitch-also.html
Lush Cardigan Knitalong be done by 14 September and there are loads of prizes by following myself, Knit British, KnitSpinCake or ShinyBees chatter threads.
Me Me Me - mostly gardening.
Drams - Isle of Skye Blended Malt Whisky.

Contact info - caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com  Ravelry as LouiseHunt, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy as CaithnessCraft  Flickr as louisej2010 and www.caithnesscraftcollective.podbean.com

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Episode 109 and 3 Quarters

August 8th, 2014

Wots e Craic
Mentioning the Dear Green Shawl by Anna Fisk via pHop
Undone Capelet by Catchloops, Elanor King, Pebble Beach Shawl by Helen Stewart
The Golden Skein yarn club http://www.thegoldenskein.com/
New podcast - Plutionium Muffins via iTunes or http://www.plutoniummuffins.com/

Shoppy Section
Please visit www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft for some new tartan project bags including Outlander Inspired Ancient Fraser Tartan bags.

Cake Swap - Post by 20 August One Cake recipe and 3 cake related items.

Lush Cardigan by Tin Can Knits.  Follow the chatter around Knit British, ShinyBees and Knitspincake podcast groups on Ravelry. Brilliant prizes and lots of blethering going on.

Me Me and Meeeeeeeeee Section
Totally Vanilla Socks by Socktapus
Beginners Lace Shawl by JuJu Vail via the Loop London website
Lush Caridgan by Tin Can Knits

Drams with a Kilchoman Single Malt Whisky

Contact me at caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com  Ravelry as Louise Hunt and Group is Caithness Craft Collective.
CaithnessCraft on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Flickr as LouiseJ2010

Music is by Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme via www.musicalley.com

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Episode 108 - Relentless

July 4th, 2014

The Blether is about freeing yourself from the Relentless grind.
Wots e Craic with Cheese Charade, Horse count and BoP count. Double points for Donkey.
Harbour Yarns soon to be opened in Seaham, Co Durham
Sporting Round up - Tour de Fleece, some tennis tournament, World Cup. All worthy of knitting or spinning along to.
Coming Up - UnWind Brighton 12 - 13 July in the Brighton Corn Exchange. Podcaster meet up at 1pm.
Swap - Project Bag swap - please post it ASAP.  Next Swap is Cake recipe and 3 items cake related, sign up on the Ravelry group.
Knitalong - 100g Knitalong is now closed. Well done and thank you for entering. Next on the agenda is The Lush Cardigan by Tin Can Knits and found in Handmade in the UK book. Starts 20 July.
Me Me Me - Sandys sock. Totally Vanilla by Socktapus.
Ian Rankin - A Cool Head, John Steinbeck - Cannery Row and Of Mice and Men

Shoppy Section - www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft - Kilgour Tartan Project Bags. Notebook and Sketchbook.

Contact me - caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com  Ravelry Group - CaithnessCraftCollective LouiseHunt user name. CaithnessCraft on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Flickr as LouiseJ2010
Music is by Marc Gunn from www.musicalley.com

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Episode 107 - Judge Zed

June 20th, 2014

In this Episode we have an interview in the mum mum mum section where Judge Z for Zelia tells us how she judged the Canisbay Show Handicraft section.
Swap Section - Please post your package by 30 June 2014.
KAL - Please link a photo to the finished object by 30 June 2014.
Coming Up - UnWind Brighton on 12 & 13 July at the Brighton Corn Exchange
Me Me Me - Where I talk about Colouricious DVDs http://colouricious.com/
Drams - Richard and I drink a Tullibardine Sovereign Single Malt Whisky.
Shoppy Section - I have red and lilac tartan project bags available.  www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft
Contact me via caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com Ravelry as Louise Hunt, CaithnessCraft on Twitter, Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.  Flickr photos are LouiseJ2010
Music by Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme and from www.musicalley.com

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Episode 106 - Bee Herding

June 6th, 2014

Or - Jack Sparrow tweets all the way through. I didn't realise until I was editing.
Blether - Bee Herding
Wots e Craic - Podcast Buddies, Stash Dash
Highland Woolfest review.

Interview with the lovely George of Yarn Garden www.yarngarden.co.uk

Coming Up - UnWind Brighton 12, 13 July 2014.
Pass it on
Swap and Knit Along
Challenge KAL

Me Me Me
Quilters - Dawn Cameron Dick and the Feathered Star Quilt
Textile Artists - Thermafax Screens Technique www.thermafaxscreens.co.uk

Shoppy Section - For all your tartan project bags (and other pretty ones) needs go to www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft

www.caithnesscraftcollective.podbean.com  caithnesscraftcollective.gmail.com Ravelry as Louise Hunt, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as CaithnessCraft and Flickr as LouiseJ2010

Music by Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme from www.musicalley.com

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Episode 105 - Hashtag Toast

May 22nd, 2014

Blether - Hashtag Toast
Wots e Craic - Podcast Buddies
Swap & Knit along
Challenge Knitalong
Coming up - Dingwall Mart 24 May 2014 Highland WoolFest
UnWind Brighton 12 - 13 July 2014 Brighton Corn Exhchange
Runny Runny Runny
Me Me Me
Caithness Segment
Shoppy Section

caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com www.caithnesscraftcollective.podbean.com Louise Hunt on Ravelry CaithnessCraft on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Instagram  Flickr LouiseJ2010

Music is Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme from www.musicalley.com

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Episode 104 - Competitive - Me?

May 8th, 2014

To the starting blocks, the race is just about to start. I explore the world of being competitive in the Blether and how unlike me it is.
Wots e Craic - Phone strategy, New to me podcasts - The Nerdist, BBC4 Radio's Great Lives, Dan Carlins Hardcore History, Stuff you missed in History Class and Sittin' and Knittin' by Hishandmaid
Podcast Buddy

Coming up - Highland Wool Festival - 24 May in Dingwall Mart, UnWind Brighton on 12 & 13 July in Brighton Corn Exchange
Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat in September

Runny runny runny - Im da mummy who's running this Sunday in the Mey 10k.

Review Section - I review the first edition of Love Sewing

Swap and KAL - The Knitalong is ongoing until end of June. Next Swap is a Project bag with 3 other crafty items. Sign ups by end of May, post by end of June.
Challenge KAL - The Lost Geek podcast is hosting this where we challenge ourselves to do a new technique and share the results. Sign ups on her board on Ravelry.

Me Me Me - you need tic tacs for this. Tornved Shawl by Karina Westerman, Crocheted Poncho by Dandelion Dreamers, Canisbay Show entries, 100gKnitalong Socks for Sandy.
Caithness Quilters and Textile Artists.

Caithness Segment where we go all My Name is Earl Sinclair

Shoppy Section is open www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft
Contact details - Louise Hunt on Ravelry caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter as CaithnessCraft Flickr as LouiseJ2010   www.caithnesscraftcollective.podbean.com

The music was from www.musicalley.com and by the lovely Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme.

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Episode 103 - Revisiting

April 25th, 2014

The blether is about Revisiting and renewing.
We need to revisit the resolutions. And all the other places we've been.

Wots e craic
Paving Mitts Tunisian Crochet by Ellen M Silva of the Twinset Designs Podcast
Photographic competition for the Golden Skein with a fantastic prize. http://www.thegoldenskein.com/

Swap and KAL
Your swap should be sent now, if it hasn't please contact me and your swappee.
The KAL starts as soon as you get your yarn and you have until the end of June 2014 to finish and put up photo for prize.

Coming Up
The Highland Wool fest is fast approaching - Dingwall Mart on 24 May. I will be there.
UnWind Brighton - 12 & 13 July, Brighton Corn Exchange. Podcaster meet up on 12 July at 1pm.
Knitting Pipeline Maine Retreat - 21 September in Maine

Runny Runny Runny
Pass it On
Me Me Me
15 year old Single Malt Glenlivet. I warn you now. There is slurring of the wordsh. We recorded it directly after the last episodes drams as I'm aff the drink until after the Mey 10k in May so enjoy the nonsense.

Shoppy Section www.etsy.com/shop/caithnesscraft for a beautiful knitted/felted lined handbag and some notebooks - perfect for you journalling peeps.

Contact me at caithnesscraftcollective@gmail.com  Ravelry as LouiseHunt Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as CaithnessCraft and Flickr as LouiseJ2010.
The music is by Marc Gunn with Wild Mountain Thyme and you can go buy this at www.musicalley.com

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