Only Smarties have the Answer and of course its 42.

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I review Jane Sowerby's exquisite Victorian Lace Today

Wordies by WT Lyall

FLORAN' means yur showin' off, COWN or GIRN yur cryin'. SPANGS yur takin' beegur steps, SOCHAN means your sighin'.

Briskly walk, ye've a SKUTCH till yur feet, A knock or a wallop's a DUNT, Yur BOWGIE is yur belly, And FORENENT means oot in front.

LOOGAR is a clout on ai ear, A POLL yur hair cut short, A CHUBBY is yur brolly, Pain, chuist means yur HORT.

If something's GLIDE, at chuist means squint, A GOWF's an awful smell, BOORACH means an awful meice, A hammer of course is a MELL.

A BLOCKIE is a little cod, A STAB a post for a fence, A PREEN's a peen, an' PURN's a reel, I houp 'iss a' makes sence.

GLAIKAIT means yur kinda soft, Till DORT yur in ai huff, An if ye get an awful fricht, Ye really got a GLUFF.

NYATTRY means ai grumblin' kind, Bad mood yur in BAD CUT, ANTLE means ai arguin' kind, And a GUSHEL's ei in a rut.

A TROSK's a chiel ye dinna lek, A KINCH ye've strained yur back, CLIPE a scratch an' RIVE a pull, An if yur fit, yur SWACK.

Till BRAIN means hit, lek SCUD or CLOOR, At's thing's ye'd shout at a boxer, A little splash, well 'ats a SKINT, And a GIRNAL's a lump in yur OXTER.

A Shetland pony's called a SHALT, A PUDDAG is a frog, A SKORRAY is a seagul An' a DOUG looks lek a DOG.

IVANOW chuist means just now, Till SKAIL, is something spilt, A BROWG's a chiners bradawl, An yur bedspread is  a TWILT.

A DREEP's a neime for somebody tall, A BEEG DREEP somebody taller, PEEDY chuist means something small, PEDDY WEE means smaller.

A BOYGIE is a little boy, A LASKIE is a girl, SWERE yur no chuist in ai mood, Till throw a thing ye HURL.

Wur English isna very good, Wur fill o' bes an' dos, An AIKLE is yur beeg back teeth, And SHARN is doung feh coos.

TROCK is rubbish, an' BARM means shout, Too much o' a thing's a LOCK, Fits 'at am hearing ye BARMIN; "Iss poem's a LOCK a TROCK"

Music is Such Broken Glass and Harvest Moon from thanks to them. LouiseJHunt on Ravelry and CaithnessCraft on Twitter